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A Seat At The Table Consulting, Solutions, & Public Relations, LLC was created to bridge connections between organizations and their intended audience and consumer base by eliminating barriers to engagement.


Our mission is to empower those most impacted by organizational decision making. We do this by bringing voices that are often unheard to the forefront of  the spaces and processes for planning, implementing, and evaluating services, products and initiatives.

Our consulting services include needs assessment, program planning, program evaluation, survey development and implementation, focus group facilitation, strategic re-imagination, and secret shopping. 


With a focus on disenfranchised and vulnerable communities, we aim to establish connections to meet them where they are through various forms of engagement. Our methods employ the expertise of community stakeholders as independent contractors to consult on material/ tool development, survey administration, group facilitation, and procedural design to generate the most authentic and real data for your organizational use.


Every business has room for growth and we would be honored to take part in that process with you.

Our Values





Community Tailored


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